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    Galusè Experience

    01 Dec, 2013  /  Progetti  /  Incoming

    01 Dec, 2013

More than a simple travel.

Explore and live our magical atmosphere, flavours and adventures. We are waiting for you !


Galusè is not only a wonderful spring but also a famous poem written by Peppino Mereu

He was an eminent and brilliant poet from my birthplace named Tonara, a small village in the interior Sardinian territory. He died at the beginning of the last century.


A spring and a poem: two wonderful examples of nature’s and mankind’s genius. Two pieces of a mosaic which perfectly represent the basis of our Tour Operator’s work.


Our aim is to involve and share, create and innovate, give an important contribution to design a future made of new opportunities and development.


A future specifically intended to grow and get better together.