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The Sardinian Beaches

Sardinia & its Sea

  • Sardinia has got wonderful beaches characterized by rich colours and crystal clear waters

    overlooking white sandy shores along with natural creeks situated between the Mediterranean vegetation and high dunes.



    Galusè  allows you to enjoy the amazing Sardinian beaches all year long in an innovative way,

    walking on the shore or tasting fresh fish in March as well as in October.

    In summer you will be our guests among dives and total relaxation on sunny days ideal for tanning.


    Our tours will let you spend an exciting holiday swimming in the sea and eating excellent food together with many other opportunities.


    A full-day programme which gives you the chance to have lunch at the beach or in the shade of a pinewood, visit caves and museums and have dinner in vineyards or in front of  a huge "Nuraghe".


    Sardinia will make you live different experiences in one tour only considering its variety of opportunities along with the short distance among its beautiful locations.