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A World of Adventures


  • Travelling as explorers to create new resources and make the most of those already existing
    Imagine an old- fashioned travel itinerary: a tour among the people, pollution free,
    without wasting any resource but giving an important contribution to enhance the present ones.
    Imagine it comfortable and adventurous, rich and simple, fascinating and silent at the same time, that is: a tour for explorers! Not only did we dream about it but we also planned it.
    The first travel itinerary in Sardinia entirely environmentally sustainable. A week involved in history, wine-and-food specialities and old jobs.
    From the very first moment you arrive until you leave, a holiday planned to respect environmental sustainability. A way of travelling which fosters economic, social and cultural development.
    We planned a travel itinerary on public transport, horseback, a donkey’ s back, riding ordinary and mountain bikes passing through valleys and districts of little villages lost in the mountains, green pinewoods and enchanted locations.
    We created a partnership agreement with the regional public transport company designing a special ticket named “GALUSÉ EXPLORES WITH ARST”. This ticket can be used during all the tour. We cooperate with local providers to let you meet people, learn about customs and face a millenary history.
    A travel itinerary specifically intended to keep in your memory box a notebook full of emotions.