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What We Do

Destinations and Services


    We work in Sardinia because it is our home. Thus we would love to share with you all the rare and precious things we are lucky to cherish during the year.

    We suggest you spend a holiday in Italy because it is  a wonderful country  and we wish you could discover its beautiful sights through very unique itineraries.

    We organize tours in Europe because we are European. Therefore we are aware of its rich heritage and enchanting places to explore together.   

    We are also fascinated by other Continents. This is the reason why we wish to take you far away because visiting new worlds and meeting new people make your life better!


    Our travel itineraries in Sardinia (all year round) together with other destinations are intended to make you feel unique emotions.

    We organize customized tours for single travelers, families and parties.

    We will plan your tour with you taking into consideration what you might wish and need.

    We will listen to your ideas and expectations in order to decide “when, where and how to travel”.



    Our Goal is to Offer You not just a Vacation but...a Dream !